Vein Treatment

for spider veins

Visual Sclerotherapy

At Déjà vu Skin & Health Center we offer visual sclerotherapy to treat cosmetic spider veins in the legs. “Spider veins” is a common term used to include all small veins on the surface of the skin. If a patient has “spider veins” with no symptoms of vein disease, they can be treated immediately with visual sclerotherapy without undergoing an ultrasound study.  Symptoms of vein disease include aching, heaviness, tiredness, burning, itching or restless legs.

Visual scleratherapy involves the injection of a medication using a very tiny needle followed by the application of compression. The veins are destroyed over the course of a few weeks. We have millions of veins in our legs and the elimination of the bad ones can only improve the circulation. Visual sclerotherapy is quick and there is no downtime.

The preferred medication at Déjà Vu for visual sclerotherapy is Asclera® (generic name: polidocanol). We never use hypertonic saline because it is painful and has too many side effects.