Do you want to wake up in the morning with perfect lip makeup or jump out of the pool with eyeliner that looks great?

You can do it today with permanent make up!

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Permanent Makeup  

Permanent makeup is really cosmetic tattooing. It is also sometimes called micropigmentation or dermatopigmentation. The procedure is a method of inserting pigment into the skin’s dermal layer (the layer between the epidermis that is constantly shedding and the deep base of the skin).  Hundreds of thousands of clients take advantage of these remarkable procedures every year including many famous personalities. The procedure is so popular that you know someone who has had it done.

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for the active or athletic woman who wants to avoid the inconvenience of repeatedly reapplying makeup all day long. It is also a great alternative for women with allergies to makeup or for those with trouble seeing to apply makeup.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is applied by implanting pigment in the eyelid margin, at the lash line. The procedure provides a fine-lined appearance that enhances eye appearance without the heavy makeup look. On special occasions heavier makeup or a different color can be applied with conventional makeup. As with lip coloring, permanent eyeliner will gradually wear off in time and will require touchups.

Permanent Eyebrows

With permanent makeup eyebrows can be shaped and defined with perfect symmetry. Balanced eyebrow shape enhances facial appearance. Modern permanent eyebrow makeup applications use a feathering stroke to give the eyebrows the appearance of normal hair. As with other permanent makeup applications the pigmentation will wear off in time and touchup treatments will be needed.

Permanent Lip Color

Many advances have been made in the last fifteen years in permanent lip makeup. Micropigmentation is applied to the entire lip or to the lip line with a tattooing process that enhances lip color and defines natural lip lines. Colors are selected for the active woman based on skin type and skin color. Usually light colors are used that define and enhance lip appearance without appearing too heavy. This allows the easy application of lipstick to change colors on special occasions or any time variety is desired. Permanent lip makeup will gradually fade over years and periodic touch-ups are required.

Worried about discomfort? You no longer need to fear pain or discomfort during the treatment. Modern anesthetic cream makes applications virtually painless.


Electrolysis has been successfully used to remove unwanted hair since 1875. It is safe for hair removal in all body areas (including near the eyes where laser

cannot be used). It can be used on all skin types and is excellent for light colored hair.

Paula Staples, Licensed Electrologist, has over thirty years of experience in the field.

For more information regarding Permanent Makeup or Electrolysis,

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