Venous Lakes

Venous lakes are benign venous malformations that occur in sun-exposed areas of the body, usually the ears and lower lip. The lesions usually develop after age 50 and are more common in men, probably because their ears are less likely to be shielded from the sun by hair than in women. Most venous lakes are solitary, compressible, dark blue or purple spots on the lip or ears.

Other Skin Conditions 

The lesion is not cancerous but can easily be confused with a cancer because the appearance may be similar. Patients should have the lesion examined by a physician to be sure of the diagnosis. This determination can usually be done by visual examination but if there is any doubt a biopsy will be obtained.

Venous lakes are usually safely and effectively treated with Intense Pulsed Light, also called Broad Band Light, and/or with the laser. Treatment is often complete in 1-3 sessions of light therapy. We have both of these modalities at Déjà vu Skin & Health Center.