BOTOX® for Depression

Depression is very common and often difficult to treat even with the best medical care. Several recent studies demonstrate treatment with Botox can significantly improve depression even for patients already on optimal medical therapy.


The Botox treatment used in these studies is the same used for treatment of the “frown lines” for cosmetic reasons. We have years of experience doing these injections at Déjà Vu.


Patients interested in trying this treatment for depression need to understand it is an “off label” use of the medication.


Patients have two options if they desire to try Botox for depression. One is to come in for an office visit to discuss the pros and cons of the treatment with Dr. Manley and another option for patients is to simply get the “frown lines” treated for cosmetic reasons. No formal office visit is needed for cosmetic injections.


Migraine headache patients have benefited greatly by numerous advances in the understanding and treatment of migraines over the last several decades. We now have effective medications for the treatment and prevention of migraines. However, even with the best medicines available, some patients still suffer from uncontrolled migraines. Some of these patients may benefit from Botox® injections to reduce the frequency of their attacks. If patients do not get control of their migraines with conventional care, they should consider Botox as a treatment option.

Botox® can be very helpful for prevention of headaches in some patients who suffer from frequent, severe migraine headaches.

Botox® was first approved for human use in 1989 for certain muscle spasms. It was subsequently approved for the cosmetic treatment of glabellar (frown) lines in 2002. Physicians noticed, over time, many cosmetic Botox® patients reported significant reduction in the frequency of their migraines.

After clinical trials to test the effectiveness of Botox® in the prevention of migraine headaches, it was approved for this purpose in 2010.

To qualify for Botox® treatment, a migraine patient must have 15 or more days per month with headache lasting four hours a day or longer.

We have 12 years of experience using Botox® in our clinic. If you are disabled by migraines of this frequency and duration, you should call Déjà vu Skin & Health Center to schedule an appointment at our Newburgh, IN location. We will take a careful look at your history and help you decide if Botox® might be beneficial for you.


Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, cover Botox® injections for migraine prevention in patients who meet the severity requirements listed above.


Eliminate Additional Hospital & Surgery Center Charges

We are a small, private practice located in Newburgh, Indiana. We consult and treat with Botox® right here in our own office. Call 812-490-SKIN now for more information, or to setup your Complimentary Consultation. 

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